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A081 - Driver Education Program Guidelines

 Administrative Letter #81 Driver Education Program Guidelines; Approved 12-2009; Updated 09-30-2015; Reviewed/Updated 4-1-2022; Reviewed/Updated 6-27-2022

DATE:                 Reviewed and Updated June 27, 2022

FROM:                N. Craig Hammer

REGARDING:      Driver Education Program Guidelines

Washington County School District

Driver Education Program Guidelines

Washington County School District School Board acts in accordance with the Standards and Procedures established by the Utah State Office of Education in administering Driver Education to students.

All classroom and behind-the-wheel student experiences in driver education shall take place under the supervision of teachers, or instructors who are certified and have met the qualifications prescribed by the State Board of Education.

 WCSD Driver Education offers a Four-Phase Program:

(1) classroom instruction (30 hours online, 27 hours face-to-face)

(2) Street Smarts (4+ hours of online training course = 1 hour of drive time)

(3) parental involvement with learner permit (40 hours drive time with at least 10 hours after dark - completed prior to instructor hours)

(4) on-street driving instruction (5 hours driving/6 hour observation)


Only Washington County School District registered students may be in the Washington County School District Driver Education program, drive district driver education vehicles, or use district simulators.  Home school and private school students may be enrolled in a driver education class at their boundary school and pay the required $175 fee.  Charter school students are not eligible for enrollment.


  • Hours submitted must have been worked during pay-period (saving hours not allowed) and must have been worked outside of the school contract day.


  • Fee Waivers for Driver’s Education will only be granted through a work project equivalent to the minimum hourly wage and up to the required $175 fee.
  • Fee Waivers must be approved through the individual school’s finance office.
  • Instructors do not accept payment.
  • Driver Education fee must be paid in full to receive certificate of completion.
  • After 10 hours of instruction the Driver’s Ed Fee is not refundable.
  • Fee payments are applicable from one high school to another.
  • Make-up time for students is at the discretion of the instructor. Additional hours beyond the thirty (30) per class are not approved.
  • If a student fails the class another fee will be required to take the class again ($50 class fee).


  • Two or more students must always be in the driver education vehicle with an instructor.
  • All students must be picked up and returned to appropriate school (no home pick-up or drop-off).
  • Gas cards remains with vehicle.
  • Vehicles are not to be used for personal transportation.
  • Vehicles must be parked at the school when not used for Driver Education.
  • Notify WCSD Transportation Department for service – 652-4721, ext 109 or 116.
  • Vehicle miles should be logged in Fleet daily.


A completed Behind-the-Wheel Statistics report must be completed and submitted to Craig Hammer’s office prior to July 10th for the window of January 1- June 30th and prior to January 10th for the window of July 1- December 31.


  • No more than 160 hours per month.
  • No more than 8 hours during any one driving session without prior approval by administrator.


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