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A042 - Purchasing Information

 Administrative Letter #42 Purchasing Information - Approved 09/25/2012

DATE:               September 25, 2012 

TO:                   Principals (All Employees) 

FROM:              Brent Bills 

REGARDING:   Purchasing Information

There are many purchases being made that do not follow the purchasing policies of the Washington County School District.  These procedures are not new and are mandated by state law – not just district policy.

In order for the business of the District to flow smoothly, ALL employees MUST follow the procedures outlined.  Please share this information with your staff. 


6000.3.1.4. Purchase Order Guidelines: Purchases using district budgeted funds, must be done on district purchase order forms, approved by appropriate district personnel in accordance with district procedures as directed in the Accounting & Finance Manual

6000.3.1.5. Personal Use Prohibited: No purchase shall be permitted through a school or the District for employee's or student's personal use (other than specific project materials designed for student instruction or school activity purposes). 



Use of all accounts must follow the board policy for purchase order and claim sheet limits. 

Amount:                             Price Quotes:                    P.O. Required:

0-$1,000                            None                                  No 

$1,000-$5,000                   2 – Oral                             Yes – District 

$5,000-$10,000                 3 – Written                       Yes – District 

$10,000 +                          District Direction              Yes – District 

School principals may authorize purchases up to $1,000 for district level accounts.



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