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A071 - Participation Fees

 Administrative Letter #71 Participation Fees - Approved 10/2004; Updated 08/12/2013; Updated 7/11/19

DATE:               August 2013 – Richard Holmes 

REGARDING:    Participation Fees              


Participation fees for involvement in extracurricular activities cannot be collected until a student has paid all other school fees or a fee waiver has been approved. 


  • Students occasionally want to pay their $85.00 participation fee before they have satisfied other financial obligations to the school such as a textbook rental or activity fee, etc.
  • We would remind financial secretaries at the high school level that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. In order to exercise this privilege, a student must first meet all financial obligations associated with their academic program or qualify for a waiver of fees. 


Please do not accept participation fees until activity fees, textbooks rental fees and all other fees required for participation in the basic school program have been satisfied. 


Follow the Washington County School District Policy 3400 School Fees/Solicitation of Funds and School Fee Schedule. 

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